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About Us

About Alliance Estimating

Ensure accurate and efficient estimation via a partner you can trust!

About Alliance Estimating

Ensure accurate and efficient estimation via a partner you can trust!

Our story and experience

Created by the team at Trade Alliance Group, Alliance Estimating is an organisation that comprises a group of experts with many years of experience in providing a range of cost estimating services for constructions projects in Australia.

Founded in 2014, the Alliance Estimating boasts a team of experts with years of experience in facilitating estimations of all types. From preliminary estimates to detailed estimates to quantity take-offs and take-offs for suppliers, Alliance Estimating’s team merges the highest levels of professionalism, expertise, and dedication to excellence all into a comprehensive portfolio of services.

With a formidable background in facilitating a variety of clients, from owner-builders to contractors to suppliers, we pride ourselves in our ability to leverage this experience and insights across the board for each of our clients. Recognising that estimations, irrespective of what stage you’re at, are incredibly important and complex aspects of your project, our core objective is to provide you with expert services that ease your burden.

Whether you’re an individual or organisation looking to facilitate the construction, renovation, and/or remodelling of a property, our team can take on all estimation responsibilities - allowing you to focus on other areas that add value to your property or business.

What are our price sources for our estimates?

Our pricing and construction cost information are based on the insights provided by a team of quantity surveyors and construction consultants.These experts work collaboratively to put together estimating data for each work item/material that are likely to be required for a given project. Once this data is collated, it is shared with us.

It is important to note that the pricing information we leverage is typically catered to covering housing and light commercial projects that are generally in the range of $200,000 to $1,500,000. Our estimations become inaccurate outside of this range.

Our built-up prices

The prices we leverage from our various Price Sources come in the form of built-up prices. To ensure complete transparency, the following areas shed light on the individual factors that play a role in determining these built-up prices:



This attribute factors in the estimated cost of the material that will be used for a specific project.


Every project, unfortunately, incurs wastage and this attribute factors this occurrence into the fold.

Profits and Overheads on Materials

Overheads need to be factored into material utilisation, in addition to profit margins, which is what this attribute factors in.


Labour Hours

Most wages are hourly-based, which makes this attribute very import to estimating potential labour expenses.

Labour Cost

This attribute factors in the cost of wages, number of workers, and the cost of required provisions.

Profits and Overheads on Labour

Every aspect of a project comprises overheads and a focus on profits - this is especially true with labour utilisation.

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