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Composite Estimates for Builders

Need a more detailed estimate to encourage your client to commit?

Our rapid and expert-driven Composite Estimates are your answer!

Need a more detailed estimate to encourage your client to commit?

Our rapid and expert-driven Composite Estimates are your answer!

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We're completely revamping our estimating processes to deliver a far more superior product than before.

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Does your client want to see more detail but isn’t fully committed?

Once you’ve sent your client a Preliminary Estimate and they’ve determined they can afford the project, a Composite Estimate can then be used give the client greater visibility into what their costs entail by providing a detailed breakdown. You can use this Composite Estimate as a means of keeping your clients engaged. This is the next stage in the feasibility study, however, it does not provide enough detail to arrive at a final/contract price. For an estimate that will facilitate a final/contract price, check out our detailed estimate service for builders.

Acknowledging that calculating a composite estimate can be complex, given the need to refer to multiple sources of information (construction cost information and architectural plans), our team of experts at Alliance Estimating provides a streamlined solution.

With years of experience, our team will comprehensively measure your plans, and get the latest data to calculate an estimate that is as accurate as possible. All this in under five working days or 7 calendar days!

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What do you get in our Composite Estimate report?

Cost Breakdown

A spreadsheet explaining the cost for each element in the construction project.

Report of Estimates

We explain each of the elements in a construction project along with its cost.

Marked-up Plans

We “mark-up” the provided drawings so that you can see what work we’ve done

Save yourself days, or even weeks of your own time!

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  • Engineering drawings and specifications
  • Your building consultant’s reports
  • Any other relevant document

We will take a look at the documents you send us and assess the scope of the project. After that, we will get back to you with a quote.

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