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Have you ever...

spent a whole week preparing a quote for a client only to have them tell you that it’s way out of their budget?

Have you ever...

knocked back potential work because you just don’t have time to put together a rough estimate?

Have you ever...

wished you had someone to do your pesky estimating work?

Composite Estimates

Composite Estimates provide more detail than a Preliminary Estimate. They are useful when you or your prospective client wants to see a more detailed breakdown before committing to all of the effort required to work out a more precise contract price.

For a Composite Estimate, we take detailed measurements of your project and apply composite prices (sometimes called “recipes”) that most closely resemble the construction methods and design treatments found in your project. The composite prices are averaged, built-up prices for similar types of jobs in areas similar to your project that have been created to help quickly estimate projects.

What You Get

A spreadsheet listing all of the measured components and the composite rate applied to them.

Returned within five working days.

The satisfaction of saving yourself days of your own time.

How much does it cost?

We offer a fixed-price contract on every job. Email us your plans and we’ll get back to you with a price. This way you can be sure of your outlay, with the certainty of no surprises at the end.

You can check out the sample jobs to get an indication of costs involved.

View Examples of our Work

Take Back Your Time

Looking for a quick, ball-park estimate to provide your prospective client? A Preliminary Estimate will do the trick.

When you’re looking to provide a little more than just a rough figure, a Composite Estimate will be more specific where you need it.

To seal the deal, a Detailed Estimate will deliver enough information to provide your client with a contract price.