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Who is Alliance Estimating?

How long does it take you to estimate a job? Whether its for a client or a spec home, the answer is “too long“. Why not actually enjoy your evenings instead of working all day and quoting all night. Well now you can. Introducing Alliance Estimating. Brought to you by the team at the Trade Alliance Group  its an accurate and affordable way to estimate. Whether you’re after a quick estimate for a prospective client or a detailed estimate for a won job, Alliance Estimating has you covered at a price that you can actually afford.


  • Save time, hundreds of hours every year.
  • Win more jobs because you can get back to all of your potential clients quickly.
  • Accurate take-offs by Professional estimators who are doing all the work for you.
  • Accurate pricing because your group buy prices are being used (where applicable), not just generic rates.
  • Affordable cost with huge discounts to members! You can’t afford NOT to use it.


  • You can’t use the excuse “I don’t have time” anymore when your partner insists you to take them to the ballet.
  • Possible boredom and loss of purpose in life now that evenings are free again.
  • No more sneaky holidays when you don’t have work on. You’ll be winning more jobs so you’ll always be busy.

Our Services

Returned within 2 working days, Preliminary Estimates are perfect for giving your prospective client a ballpark figure to see if the project is in their price range.

Returned within 10 working days, Detailed Estimates give you enough detail to easily form a contract price.

Returned within 5 working days, Composite Estimates are useful if your prospective client wants more detail than a Preliminary Estimate, before putting in all of the effort needed to work out a more precise contract price.

Quantity Take-Offs provide you with a list of materials and their quantities for any part of the project you request and are useful when figuring out exact quantities to order from a supplier.

Why We’re Passionate About Estimating

Since 2014, we have been working on and fine-tuning an estimating service for our members that will be very cost effective and save them hundreds of hours per year. Even if you have your own estimating software, it still takes time to use it and that’s the one thing you don’t have enough of.

You will also win more jobs because you will actually be able to get quotes back to all of your potential clients. How many times have you simply had to let a potential job slide because you never had the time to quote it?

So let us take the stress away from you and free you up to be more productive or even to spend more time with loved ones.

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