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Preliminary Estimates for Builders

Looking for a quick ball-park estimate to provide a prospective client?

Our Preliminary Estimate will do the trick in under 48 hours!

Looking for a quick ball-park estimate to provide to a prospective client?

Our Preliminary Estimate will do the trick in record time!

Get your Preliminary Estimate faster than before!

Preliminary Estimates are used to provide a rough guide as to the cost of the project. Estimates are typically done during a feasibility study, when the project is still in the concept stage. A preliminary estimate has an accuracy of +/- 5% because its based on built-up, averaged prices for similar-type dwellings.

You no longer have to waste hours in your work week calculating estimates yourself, or wait weeks for suppliers to get their quotes back to you. Now you can return a rough, "ball-park" price to your prospective client within days, keeping them engaged and "wowing" them with your speed and professionalism. 

Preliminary Estimates are not something you want to use to go straight to contract with, but they very quickly let you know if it’s in your client’s price range.

What do you get in our Preliminary Estimate report?

Cost Breakdown

A spreadsheet explaining the cost for each element in the construction project.

Report of Estimates

We explain each of the elements in a construction project along with its cost.

Marked-up Plans

We “mark-up” the provided drawings so that you can see what work we’ve done. 

Save yourself hours, or even days of your own time!

Elements Used 

A Preliminary Estimate will break down the cost of your project into the following elements:

  • Preliminaries
  • Substructure
  • Superstructure – Upper Floors
  • Superstructure – Staircase
  • Superstructure – Roof
  • Superstructure – External Walls and Windows
  • Superstructure – External Doors
  • Superstructure – Internal Walls
  • Superstructure – Internal Screens
  • Superstructure – Internal Doors
  • Finishes – Wall
  • Finishes – Floor
  • Finishes – Ceiling
  • Fitments 
  • Services – Plumbing
  • Services – Mechanical
  • Services – Fire
  • Services – Electrical
  • External Services
  • Contingency

How are the costs calculated?

We have access to multiple databases from teams of seasoned construction cost consultants and quantity surveyors. Both the square metre cost and the percentage assigned to each element are based on average prices for typical buildings. However, they are largely determined by the following parameters:

  • Type of building (E.g. project home, individual house, townhouses, apartments etc.)
  • Basic construction material (E.g. framed, brick veneer, full brick etc.)
  • The standard of finish (E.g. basic, medium, high, prestige)  
  • Location of the project (Prices are indexed to the closest capital city and loadings for regional areas, and then applied).
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Take back your time with Preliminary Estimates

Standard Lowset


A standard low set house is a new home construction built with a concrete slab on level ground, truss roof and simple shape, with up to 350m2 floor area.

*Become a TAG member to receive a $50 discount. 

Standard Highset


standard high set house is a new home construction built with a concrete slab on level ground, timber first-floor subfloor, truss roof and simple shape, with up to 350m2 floor area. 

*Become a TAG member to receive a $50 discount. 

Townhouses/ Units/ Non-Standard Houses

From $295

A non-standard build falls outside of the standard description and naturally requires extra effort. After seeing your plans, we'll give you a fixed price quote for the work.

*Become a TAG member to receive a $50 discount. 

*All prices are inclusive of GST.

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