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Quantity Take Offs for Builders

Achieve complete visibility over your material requirements.

Spend significantly less time on preparing quotes!

Achieve complete visibility over your material requirements.

Spend significantly less time preparing quotes!

Quantity take-offs for builders

When it comes to managing construction projects, irrespective of whether you’re working with commercial or residential clients, creating lists of required building materials and their respective quantities can be extremely time-consuming.

That’s why many builders and contractors leverage our quantity take-offs, which give them a list detailing everything they need to provide to their suppliers. Our quantity take-offs allow builders like yourself to ask us to workout exact quantities for a few specific materials.

For example, you can ask for a timber take-off, which is one of the most common choices, if you'd like to know the exact quantity and lengths of timber required for the project. You could also ask for plasterboard, cladding or roofing - materials that are often quoted in square metres despite being ordered in sheets/lengths. Similarly, our quantity take-offs also facilitate “labour only” estimates, where the estimate is not for material quantity but rather quantity of hours required. 

Whatever your need, we've got you covered.

What do builders get with quantity take-offs?

Breakdown of Materials

A comprehensive dataset of all the materials you will need, with quantities.

Marked-up Plans

Fully “marked up” plans that include a legend for greater clarity.

Eliminate Wasted Time

Enjoy significant reductions in time wasted - amounting to weeks worth of savings.

Ensure a rapid response time from suppliers by providing them all with the same material list to quote!

Interested in checking out some of our sample work?

Over the years, we’ve worked with countless builders like yourself. Therefore, if you’d like to receive a sample of the work we’ve done, simply provide us with your contact information and we’ll deliver them straight to your inbox.

Request Pricing

To receive a customised quote for a specific project, email us your plans - we’ll evaluate them and get back to you with a price and turnaround time. Please note that this time period will be dependent on the complexity of the project and the range of materials required.

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